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Anal fissure, also known as anal ulcer, is a small tear or crack at the lining of anus which becomes painful while the bowel movements. It can be occurred due to passing large or hard stools, straining during childbirth, due to inflammatory bowel infections or experiencing bouts of diarrhea. Anal fissures are very painful and sometimes it occurs at the lining of anus but move upwards throughout the entire anal canal.

People having anal fissures can experience pain in the rectum, blood in stool, constipation, small lumps or skin tag, bleeding while defecating, itchiness or inflammation around the anus and muscle spasms. .

Swami Satyanand hospital has competently treated over 50 thousand fissures cases with optimum results. We use the effective, appropriate and best medications, remedies, therapies, oils, Ayurvedic treatments with the help of Kshar Sutra therapy, sclerotherapy (injection therapy), finger dilation with ayurvedic oil and surgical methods

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